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Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to show you guys the animated short film that I've made :)

You can watch it here on Vimeo

Or here on Youtube

Also! I'm back in sweden and looking for work as a character animator.

That's all. Over and out!
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Lukas Lundin
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I'm a professional 3D animator, but I won't upload that here.
On here I just upload my drawing that I draw on my spare time.

My sister: :iconlenimentus:


Ylron - Aasamir Monk by Phewcumber
Ylron - Aasamir Monk
Drew another friends D&D character. He's a ninja-monk-assassin-thing.

He plays this character on the same campaign in which I play my druid Popnick and my other friends plays the bladelock Karo.

Aqua's Type Meme: Phewcumber edition by Phewcumber
Aqua's Type Meme: Phewcumber edition
Meme created by :iconhevromero:, with her latest version available right here. I used an old version and I'm not sure why.

Bug: Heracross - I've always liked this guy and his slick, but kinda silly look. And the fact that he's really strong doesn't hurt.

Dark: Houndoom - I'm not a huge fan of any Dark type pokemon now a days, but I remember that as a kid I really liked this hellish dog.

Dragon: Vibrava - Most people probably doesn't think of Vibrava when they think of dragon pokemons, but I love him Vibrava. I'm probably the only one that prefers him over Flygon.

Electric: Ampharos - Not much to say besides that I like him.

Fighting: Hitmonlee - Coolest fighting pokemon by far! But to be honest, if I hadn't picked Heracross for bug then he would be here instead of Hitmonlee.

Fire: Magby - Love him! He's so cute. I use him as my egg hatcher just to have a reason to use him.

Flying: Zubat - Really annoying at times, but I love it's design and it's a fun pokemon to use.

Ghost: Golurk - My favorite animated movie is The Iron Giant and Golurk always reminds me of it. I also find the design to be very elegant and the unique type combination is one that I think is really cool.

Grass: Exeggutor - He's so silly and happy! What's not to love? Cool typing as well.

Ground: Sandshrew - Cute and brilliant design. This is one of the most well designed pokemon to date in my opinion (Looking forward for his igloo version).

Ice: Lapras - Beautiful and pretty realistic. It's fun to use as well.

Normal: Ditto - Happy slime = Me likey

Poison: Nidoking - Always liked this monster looking guy. I like how it's poison-type without screaming "poison" or being based on something that isn't venomous or smelly. I like Koffing and Garbodor as well, but I think pokemon need more designs like this.

Psychic: Hypno - Spooky and weird. I've never been one to like the best/strongest pokemon. So in gen 1 I never wanted Alakazam, I wanted this guy.

Rock: Sudowoodo - A happy wannabe tree that is a pure rock and is an homage of Snorlax in gen 2. I don't know how someone couldn't like him.

Steel: Magneton - Not really sure why I like him so much. His design is kinda boring, but it works for him since he's made of magnets. I think it's his typing and that he's fun to use that makes me like him.

Water: Tentacruel - I like a lot of water type pokemon, but Tentacruel is special. He got a cool and distinct design, he looks dangerous so you know that you shouldn't mess with him and he's a really good pokemon to have on your team. His typing work really well with his bulk. Love him! Tentacool was also the first shiny I found in the wild, so I now have a shiny Tentacruel which is one of the best looking shinies in my opinion.

Karo - Tiefling Bladelock by Phewcumber
Karo - Tiefling Bladelock
My friend wanted me to draw he's D&D character. His character is kinda weird, but I think I managed  to make him look pretty cool.

He plays this character on the same campaign which I play my druid Popnick on.

Popnick - Gnome Druid by Phewcumber
Popnick - Gnome Druid
I decieded to draw my D&D character, Popnick the crazy druid.
I didn't try to make him look like forest gnomes usally look in D&D. I wanted him to look like I imagine gnomes to look, but I atleast made sure skin color and size was right.


Popnick was a highly regarded druid in the order of the moon. He was the youngest council member the order has ever had. He often was sent out on diplomatic mission across the seas in his glorious ship, Lady Polaris.

That's at least what Popnick use to tell himself.

The truth is that Popnick had no idea who he used to be. He washed up on a beach one day without any memories,. He realised that he had the ability to talk to all the wildlife on the beach and they could talk to him. Popnick found a colony of hermit crabs and they were kind enough to adopt him.

Popnick lived with the crabs for a couple of years. At first they bullied him, but after a while Popnick found out he was gifted in the art of druidism and gained the respect of his fellow colony members. He was nominated to the right hand of the chieftain thanks to his magical abilities and his constant happy mood. Sadly the stress of being in a position of power got to him. Popnick started to lose his grip of reality...

One day Popnick heard the voice of the seaweed talking to him. The seaweed told him that he had to leave the beach and colony. The seaweed didn't say why, but that didn't matter to Popnick. He said farewell to his adoptive family, packed his shell collection and left.

Popnick was on a mission and nothing was gonna stop him!

No one knows if any of this is true or if it's just the tale of a madman, but one thing is certain... There is a crazy druid covered in seaweed traveling across the lands and nothing is gonna stop him.


(I'll upload a version with better quality later on)

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